Rijk Zwaan is busy building a new greenhouse. And with a new greenhouse come new installations. In De Lier (the Netherlands) at the Rijk Zwaan Seed Quality Center, the breeding company recently got a new AquaJet.


Tom Zwanenburg with Van der Waay, the company that built and supplied the machine, explains that it is a special AquaJet. “Normally, an AquaJet drives on the pipe rails, but this one has an undercarriage on tires with a hydraulic steering mechanism. This way they can drive over the concrete floors to clean the greenhouse roof. The greenhouse complex consists of multiple small departments, all of which they want to clean multiple times a year with this machine.”


For cleaning the exterior they have purchased a Top Cleaner. That’s already in action. This Top Cleaner also isn’t standard. “The roof washer stands atop a tailor-made platform that was built on top of a corridor.”


For more information:
waaylogoVan der Waay
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Tom Zwanenburg
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