NOVAGRIC is a leading company from Spain which offers a complete service which cover all the phases, from the design to the commissioning of the projects, using the most innovative technologies and giving training worldwide. Some of the products of NOVAGRIC are: APR greenhouses structures, with a special mention to the highly luminescent APR Lux; irrigation systems, XILEMA fertigation equipments, hydroponic growing systems, drainages, water storage and recycling solutions, climate control systems, ozone disinfection; and more recently, complete modules for Vertical Farming.

After 40 years as a reference in the Spanish national sector, the company is expanding its business also to the international market that demands technological solutions to achieve greater productivity. NOVAGRIC provides ground-breaking projects thanks to its experience and continuous investment in innovation.

Take advantage of complete high-tech solutions applied to intensive agriculture with total advice, agronomic training and technical support to ensure the profitability of your production. NOVAGRIC keeps its commitment to your business success, establishing synergies and successful relationships with customers, suppliers and dealers all over the world.

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