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Tomatoworld as showcase and field lab for data-driven growing

Tomatoworld has been around for 12.5 years and is looking optimistically to the future. That is why Tomatoworld has decided to transform its demonstration greenhouse into a field lab for data-driven cultivation in collaboration with Hoogendoorn Growth Management, and its other partners. This development is the perfect anniversary gift to global relations who want to be at the forefront of innovations from the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector. The official launch by the mayor of Westland, Bouke Arends, will take place on 29 April at 9:30 am.


Data Driven Growing (DDG)

The concept of DDG is, as the name suggests, based on the use and analysis of data to optimize crop health and production. Data is collected 24/7 from the climate computer, sensors and cameras in the greenhouse. This raw data is converted into smart information, displayed in dashboards from which it is easy to read what is happening in the greenhouse now and in the near future. The continuous flow of data collected during cultivation generates real-time insights into the conditions in the greenhouse and the health of the plants. Insights that can be used to drive artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn and become even smarter. Historical data make it possible to discover trends, plan ahead and make predictions for the future and proactively steer cultivation based on the growers’ objectives in terms of quality, quantity and ROI.

System makes
the decisions
 Tomatoworld’s greenhouse is equipped with Hoogendoorn’s innovation in process control; IIVO. This unique system is capable of monitoring and controlling every greenhouse. It allows the grower to grow more, with higher quality and using minimal resources. By combining powerful algorithms, data from the growing environment, physics and plant physiology, the system can make the best decisions for optimal growth of the plants in the greenhouse. The combination of IIVO, the system and dozens of cameras and sensors from the most innovative companies in the world, makes it possible for Tomatoworld to start up and implement DDG.

Tomatoworld not only wants to show this innovative technique, but also wants to contribute to the validation and development of this unique way of growing, together with its innovative partners. Companies – from startups to multinationals and educational institutions – are already participating in the project. Tomatoworld’s goal is to become the ultimate showcase for the Data-driven cultivation strategy worldwide.

The project is made possible and supported by Hagelunie innovation fund and the Province of South Holland/Greenport West Holland.

If you would like to be present at our LIVESTREAM launch on April 29th, book quickly!


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Key aspects of growing vegetables in protected ground in farm greenhouses. Pharmbiomed” together with partners (BIOM, AgroBioTechnology, Ecover Soil, Agro Master, Schetelig rus, ReduSystems and Biosecurity).

BIOM, AgroBioTechnology, Ecover Soil, Agro Master, Schetelig rus, ReduSystems and Biosecurity

The company “Pharmbiomed” together with partners (BIOM, AgroBioTechnology, Ecover Soil, Agro Master, Schetelig rus, ReduSystems and Biosecurity) organizes a webinar for farm greenhouses.

Date and time: 10/28/2021 at 10:00 Moscow time
The webinar will be held on the ZOOM platform.
Topic: Key aspects of growing vegetables in protected soil in farm greenhouses.
As part of the event, we will reward the most active viewers with valuable gifts:
1. The book “The World of Tomato through the eyes of a phytopathologist”;
2. The book “The World of Cucumber through the eyes of a phytopathologist”;
3. A set of souvenirs from the company “Pharmbiomed”.
Connection link:
Link to the event:

1. 10:00-10:35 Important issues of the balance of mineral nutrition of plants. Nutrient solutions for growing tomatoes and cucumbers in farm greenhouses equipped with drip irrigation systems. Alexander Borisovich Khoroshkin, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, leading specialist of the Agromaster Group of Companies.
2. 10:35-11:10 Biological method of plant protection in protected soil. Prevention of fusariosis, verticillosis and vascular bacteriosis during stressful periods of culture development. Belikova Elena Ivanovna, agronomist – consultant of GC “BIOM”.
3. 11:10-11:45 Optimization of natural light in the greenhouse. Ruzikulova Firuza, representative of ReduSystems in Russia and the CIS.
4. 11:45-12:20 Innovative solutions in farm greenhouses. Healthy plants and a rich harvest. Ryazanov Igor Aleksandrovich, biologist, specialist of the company “Schetelig rus”.
5. 12:20-12:55 The dome of the leaves of cucumber seedlings. Causes and solutions. Volokitin Artur Alekseevich, agronomist – consultant “ECOVER GRUNT”.
6. 12:55-13:30 Integrated protection of tomatoes from diseases in film greenhouses. Viktor N. Yuvarov, Leading agronomist of Agrobiotechnology LLC.
7. 13:30-14:05 Application of entomophages. When to use it? Who to choose? How much to pour? Vladimir Moshkin, Director of Development of LLC “Biosecurity”.
8. 14:05-14:35 Fundamentals of quarantine in greenhouses. Prevention and protection from viral infections. Dmitry Andreevich Palchikov, agronomist – consultant of LLC SPC “Pharmbiomed”.
The prize draw will take place at the end of the webinar.
See you at the webinar. See you!

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Strawberry substrate production systems: a review by Omafra

Growers have many options when it comes to establishing strawberry substrate production. OMAFRA’s Erica Pate reviews different container options, tabletop and suspended systems, and different structures used for strawberry substrate production.

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June 29 Dutch and Israeli growers invited to share knowledge online

Slowly but surely, the Dutch horticultural ecosystem is starting to resemble that of Israel.

Slowly but surely, the Dutch horticultural ecosystem is starting to resemble that of Israel. Reason enough for Israeli Export Institute, Greenport West-Holland and Innovation Quarter to invite growers from both countries to an online seminar on June 29 to exchange knowledge and explore business opportunities. Seven Israeli companies present their greenhouse technologies.
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In recent decades, Israel has become one of the frontrunners in greenhouse horticulture technologies. It is not surprising that such innovative solutions arise here, according to the organizers of the event. 

For a long time, Israelis had to be self-sufficient and encouraged to be innovative when it came to growing crops on their poor desert lands with limited manpower. The result of this innovative mindset is clear today: Israeli horticulturists are developing advanced irrigation techniques, climate control systems and robotic systems for greenhouses.

The Netherlands can learn from Israel
Slowly but surely, the Dutch horticultural ecosystem is starting to resemble that of Israel. For example, due to global climate change, Netherlands growers are more often confronted with drought and water scarcity. In addition, the enormous worldwide demand for Dutch crops regularly leads to staff shortages in the greenhouses.

That is why Israeli greenhouse technologies are becoming increasingly interesting for the entire Dutch horticultural ecosystem. Furthermore, Dutch greenhouse builders that are active internationally could also benefit from the integration of Israeli technologies to optimize their turnkey projects. In other words, it is time for Dutch and Israeli horticulturists to exchange their knowledge and explore business opportunities.

During the online seminar on ‘Greenhouse Technologies’ on July 29, participants will have the opportunity to get to know seven Israeli companies that provide innovative greenhouse technologies.

Registration and B2B Meetings with Israeli participants: 

The event is made possible in part by the Israeli Export Institute, Greenport West-Holland and Innovation Quarter.


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