BIOM, AgroBioTechnology, Ecover Soil, Agro Master, Schetelig rus, ReduSystems and Biosecurity

The company “Pharmbiomed” together with partners (BIOM, AgroBioTechnology, Ecover Soil, Agro Master, Schetelig rus, ReduSystems and Biosecurity) organizes a webinar for farm greenhouses.

Date and time: 10/28/2021 at 10:00 Moscow time
The webinar will be held on the ZOOM platform.
Topic: Key aspects of growing vegetables in protected soil in farm greenhouses.
As part of the event, we will reward the most active viewers with valuable gifts:
1. The book “The World of Tomato through the eyes of a phytopathologist”;
2. The book “The World of Cucumber through the eyes of a phytopathologist”;
3. A set of souvenirs from the company “Pharmbiomed”.
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1. 10:00-10:35 Important issues of the balance of mineral nutrition of plants. Nutrient solutions for growing tomatoes and cucumbers in farm greenhouses equipped with drip irrigation systems. Alexander Borisovich Khoroshkin, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, leading specialist of the Agromaster Group of Companies.
2. 10:35-11:10 Biological method of plant protection in protected soil. Prevention of fusariosis, verticillosis and vascular bacteriosis during stressful periods of culture development. Belikova Elena Ivanovna, agronomist – consultant of GC “BIOM”.
3. 11:10-11:45 Optimization of natural light in the greenhouse. Ruzikulova Firuza, representative of ReduSystems in Russia and the CIS.
4. 11:45-12:20 Innovative solutions in farm greenhouses. Healthy plants and a rich harvest. Ryazanov Igor Aleksandrovich, biologist, specialist of the company “Schetelig rus”.
5. 12:20-12:55 The dome of the leaves of cucumber seedlings. Causes and solutions. Volokitin Artur Alekseevich, agronomist – consultant “ECOVER GRUNT”.
6. 12:55-13:30 Integrated protection of tomatoes from diseases in film greenhouses. Viktor N. Yuvarov, Leading agronomist of Agrobiotechnology LLC.
7. 13:30-14:05 Application of entomophages. When to use it? Who to choose? How much to pour? Vladimir Moshkin, Director of Development of LLC “Biosecurity”.
8. 14:05-14:35 Fundamentals of quarantine in greenhouses. Prevention and protection from viral infections. Dmitry Andreevich Palchikov, agronomist – consultant of LLC SPC “Pharmbiomed”.
The prize draw will take place at the end of the webinar.
See you at the webinar. See you!