KOAT is going through a repositioning by looking at the future in a much more progressive, however still fully customer oriented manner.

The horticulture industry is reshaping and developing faster and faster and the need for improvement by the growers has never been greater. To support this KOAT is offering specific solutions that will add value to the customers. Our efforts to make our growers stronger supports the opening motto: “Move to Grow”.

Contact with the customer is vital. It is increasingly difficult for our growers to be profitable. KOAT solutions will lead to cost reductions and will ease physical strain for greenhouse personnel. Equally important is that we strive for first time right in everything we do.

We distinct ourselves by offering:
• Integrated customer specific solutions
• flexible solutions through robotics
• high level service and support
• uptime of equipment
• reliability by expressing our thoughts, but also acting accordingly

Working together is evidence of credibility. We consider our customers’ interests and think about how to make them stronger through close cooperation. The customers’ (your) success will also determine KOAT’s success.

Suppliers for the horticulture sector can only continue to be successful in supporting the growers by offering product innovation and extensive cooperation.

Maybe we should say: MOVE together to GROW!

More information: www.ugaatbouwen.com/koat-bv