Are you a no-frills person that likes to get straight to the point?

Do you believe in the ‘waste not, want not’ philosophy?

We are constantly committed to go in this direction, according to the principles of lean manufacturing & marketing.

BASIC5 is our range of professional thermal screens, also available in flame retardant version with the corresponding grading reports. They meet every climate control demand, both inside and outside greenhouses: energy-saving, cooling, shading, blackout, supplementary light reflection, etc.

The BASIC5 agro-textiles series is even more complete: INSECTA anti-insect nets, UMBRA monofilament shading nets, PRAESIDIUM anti-hail & windbreak nets, PLUVIA rain-cover fabric, TEPORE transparent nets for the protection and improvement of the microclimate, … and BASIC111 groundcover.

Our commitment is to give you thermal screens and technical textiles that are reliable in their performance, resistant over time, intuitive in their application and easy on your wallet. Simple and effective solutions for protecting and growing healthy and luxuriant crops.

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