Agriscience company begins construction on new centre in France

Corteva Agriscience has started construction on a new Center of Seed Applied Technologies (CSAT), a new agriscience centre in Aussonne, France.

Expected to be operational in the first half of next year, the new centre will help European farmers in getting their crops yield improved harvest.

Touted to be the first in Europe and third worldwide, the centre will focus on service development with scientific investment on new seed treatment solutions to help farmers to meet the demands of changing agriculture.

According to Corteva Agriscience, CSATs will act as a laboratory, testing centre and seed treatment plant, making use of rigorous processes to discover, formulate and test seed applied technologies in real-world.

Corteva Agriscience Europe seed applied technologies leader Andre Negreiros said: “Because Seed Applied Technologies involve treating the seed rather than applying in the field, they can help lower the environmental footprint of agriculture. Corteva Agriscience is committed to innovation.

“That’s why we are investing almost €5m in this project as part of efforts to strengthen our seed offering.

“We are a company focused on those who produce and those who consume, and this Center will help farmers boost productivity while meeting consumer demand for a more sustainable agriculture.”

The company also offers a suite of Seed Applied Technology (SAT) solutions, involving seed treating, which include Lumiposa and Lumivia for insecticide seed treatment, Lumisena and Lumiflex for fungicide seed treatment control and Lumidapt, a seed applied growth nutrition for all hybrid crops.

In October last year, Corteva Agriscience has secured approval the registration, use and sale of its Inatreq active fungicide in Belgium.

Inatreq is claimed to offer improved biology performance and its unique target site for Septoria helps farmers to manage disease.

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Corteva Agriscience


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