Organizer AGRITECHNICA ASIA and HORTI ASIA permission to bring the buzzing from the press conference on October 12, 2564 files attached. and. courtesy the media helps public relations in the channel of the person next to updates about events AGRITECHNICA ASIA and HORTI ASIA Regional Summit to be held on 16 November 17 2564 at Korat.
V n u Asia Pacific Association of agricultural German (DLG) held a Pre-Networking and Press Event of AGRITECHNICA ASIA and HORTI ASIA Regional Summit via the online system DLG Connect with exhibitors, more than 100 people from 14 countries have used this opportunity to learn about the jobs summit agro-industrial levels, the region was going to happen in November.
As a host, co-official regional summit AGRITECHNICA ASIA and HORTI ASIA Regional Summit: Dr.Thongplew pile of Monday, permanent Secretary of the Ministry of agriculture and cooperatives have said, a welcome reception, followed by the Dr.Wanida generator Francis Director, office of foreign agricultural has presented the vision of Thailand the field of intelligent manufacturing for sustainable food systems thidarat rotanan Vice President of industry, Nakhon Ratchasima province, said: “Nakhon Ratchasima province, not only is the heart of the production of crops of Thailand but also is the state that is selected to manage regional summit this time.”
The company focus on innovation of the future, CLAAS, Varuna AI & Robotics Ventures, Gessner Industries and Planet explains participation in the development of the food system more sustainable, while Mr. Karsten Ziebell from a collaborative project between the German-English explains the concept and the form of cluster farms can lead to farming sustainable? and invite those interested to attend the meeting, farming cluster of the future (Clusterfarm Future Conference) to be held for the first time within the jobs summit agro-industrial regional.
More information and register to attend at a special price, visit the web site of the work, the
Or contact special price for admission to an enterprise or group call. 02-1116611 (V n u Asia Pacific)