AgSafe, British Columbia’s agricultural health and safety association, held their first-ever election for directors of the Board at the April 8th annual general meeting.

Interim Board Chair, Don Dahr and Executive Director, Wendy Bennett, presented a slate of seven candidates to AgSafe members. The members voted to accept the slate and launch AgSafe into a new era with a new Board of Directors.

Wendy Bennett, AgSafe Executive Director, said “As an organization that works with all B.C. agricultural producers, we want a Board that represents and understands our membership and the community that our safety consultants and advisors work with every day.”

AgSafe’s new board members are:

Don Dahr (Director – Agriculture Safety)
Andrea van Iterson (Director – Feed Lot Member)
Krista Harris (Director – Egg Producer Member)
David Nguyen (Director – Mushroom Member)
Paula Baxter (Director – Nursery Member)
Ajay Randhawa (Director – Young Farmer/Greenhouse Member)
Jennifer Ross (Director – Worker Representative)
AgSafe Board members bring informed decision-making skills, a broad knowledge base, and an inclusive perspective. Applications were welcomed from individuals with extensive experience in agriculture and/or safety, as well as individuals with less experience but who are looking to learn about governance and leadership.

In 2020, AgSafe adopted a new set of bylaws and officially changed its name to AgSafe Agriculture Association. Also in 2020, an elected Transitional Board developed new policies and procedures, including a process for electing Directors to the Board that would position the organization to move in a new direction.

AgSafe had other good news to share as well. WorkSafeBC 2019 injury data (most recent data available) showed that the historical injury rate of >2.5 dropped significantly. The serious injury rate also showed a decline, indicating improved safety initiatives throughout agricultural operations in the province. With more than 24,000 workers in the agriculture subsectors in 2019, a reduction in the number of time-loss claims is something agricultural employers and workers can be proud of.

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