Ventilation is one of the most important aspects when it comes to growing plants indoor, particularly with cannabis. For an efficient distribution of warm and cold air within the greenhouse, we offer customized air hoses.

No matter whether in standard diameter of 40-60cm, smaller or jumbo rolls of Ø2.5m – we can do it! Position, distance between the perforated holes and their size can be determined by the customers.

Regardless the type of material chosen, all our air hoses are processed in our company.

Upon request we can supply also an air heating device perfectly matching our HS Jet Tubes.

Here are the application fields and the advantages of our air hoses at a glance.

Together with electric fans different applications possible:
• Ensuring ideal growing climate (positive pressure) in greenhouses
• Heating in all sectors
• Cooling in sales areas
• Spreading aerosols with scents or cooling mist
• Humidity control

Directly from our manufacturing facility:
• A multitude of different materials can be used from clear to opaque
• From easily inflammable to fire-retardant and fire-resistant
• All kinds of sizes from 30cm diameter to +2m diameter possible
• All kinds of hole sizes and patterns
• One single air hose can reach up to 400m length
• Multiple fixing options with profiles, eyelets, hooks, wire etc
• An extension with zippers is also feasible upon request

Contact us to receive a tailored-made solution for your needs.

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