According to operational data as of November 16, since the beginning of 2021, the agrarians of the Ryazan region have harvested 8.9 thousand tons of greenhouse vegetables, including: 5.2 thousand tons of greenhouse cucumbers and 3.7 thousand tons of tomatoes, and in addition, 0.008 thousand tons of other vegetables (eggplants, sweet peppers, salads and cherry tomatoes).

The production of greenhouse vegetables in the region is carried out by the companies Ryazan Vegetables, Wind of Changes, entrepreneur M. Ganbarchaev in Rybnovsky District and farmer A. Rustamyan in Ryazan District.

The volume of manufactured products is slightly higher than the level of 2020. Recall that in 2020, a record harvest of greenhouse vegetables was obtained in the Ryazan region – 11.1 thousand tons, 5 times more than in 2019; Such results were achieved with the start of operation of the Ryazan Vegetables complex – a modern high-tech greenhouse complex of the fifth generation.

In general, in Russia, greenhouse vegetable growing has been one of the most dynamically developing sectors of agribusiness for several years: over 5 years, the production of domestic vegetable products has almost doubled. Imports have significantly decreased, in terms of self-sufficiency, Russia reached 92% for greenhouse cucumbers and 51% for tomatoes. In 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia expects to maintain positive dynamics: according to the forecast, the harvest in winter greenhouses in the country will exceed 1.4 million tons.