The A TOP team is always on the lookout for unsolved packaging problems. A TOP develops sustainable and circular packaging innovations, particularly for the AGF sector. The four-strong team consists of two Dutchmen, a Briton and a German, who together have more than 100 years’ experience in the packaging world. Adriaan Verbeek: “The growers do their utmost to produce a beautiful product that deserves the most sustainable packaging. And I am talking about packaging made from rPaper. rPaper is more sustainable than all plastic variants such as PP, rPP, PET or rPET and we substantiate this with a Life Cycle Analysis which we can carry out ourselves as a service. Here it is very important to always use the same system.”

The top of the soft fruit packaging. Available with or without lid or a loose lid.

Last year, A TOP won a prestigious award. It received the ECMA Innovation Award for soft fruit packaging. “We developed this packaging together with partner Fonkels and a grower. He said: “I don’t care that it might be more expensive, but this fruit deserves sustainable packaging’. Our packaging for soft fruit has a special construction in the bottom. It is a kind of mattress that is both shock and moisture absorbent. Because of this, an insert sheet is no longer necessary. This makes regular packaging often non-recyclable. Our packaging contributes directly to the goals of the Plastic Pact.”

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