Quick, easy and efficient inspection of condition of your plants and checking progress of crop care works- without having to constantly getting off and on board of the trolley. This is exactly what the team with FPHU Maryniaczyk had in mind when they designed their second greenhouse trolley, the Hortidrive 3.6. “This product is designed to take good care of both the plants and the workers in the greenhouse”, Krzysztof Korzeniewski with FPHU Maryniaczyk explains.

FPHU Maryniaczyk is a young Polish company operating in the horticultural industry. It was founded at the end of 2005 by Mateusz Maryniaczyk and has been manufacturing greenhouse equipment since the beginning. It began with devices such as manually operated trolleys, quickly adding to their range hydraulic trolleys and sprayers.

HortiDrive 3.6
With its multifunction steering wheel on the front of the device, the trolley moves with ease on both the concrete connector as well as the heating pipes without having to leave the platform at all. “This means that changing the row can be done in a split second, saving time in the busy season time”, Krysztof says.

Maximum safety was what the company had in mind with this hydraulic trolley. For that reason they made sure that the work platform is made of non-slip material and is supplied by a durable inductive foot switch, which makes it easy to control the trolley while in use.

For a more intuitive use, the control panel is appropriately marked.The buttons and switches are placed in durable metal housings. Also, the contactless, shockproof and waterproof potentiometer can easily be used for adjusting the travel speed, to adapt it to the worker’s preferred speed. The HortiDrive 3.6 is also available with either internal or external charger

The working platform is mounted on a three-scissor hydraulic system and can be easily accessed by a foldable step. While working, the platform can be adjusted in height. The platform is fit exactly for the purpose of driving on the heating pipes between the plants, but also designed broad enough for the worker to allow easy access to the plants.

“A number of applied solutions ensure a quiet and comfortable operation”, Krysztof adds. “HortiDrive is an intuitive care trolley that is comfortable to work with, allowing a more efficient control over your crop.”

For more information:
FPHU Maryniaczyk
Domaniew 9a, 98-235
Błaszki, Poland

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