A part of the sun light reflects on greenhouse glass and therefore does not reach the crop. During new greenhouse construction the grower can choose for anti-reflective glass to reduce the reflection and to improve the light transmission. However, for existing greenhouses this is not an option. Now, Mardenkro comes with a revolutionary solution: anti-reflection for everyone!

The highly innovative coating AntiReflect is a real breakthrough in the field of light transmission. AntiReflect ensures that more light enters the greenhouse, similar to AR-glass. This increases production and reduces energy consumption.

A large part of the year, light is the limiting factor for production under glass. More light is therefore very welcome. With fruits and light-loving ornamental plants the rule ‘1% more light = 1% more production’ counts. AntiReflect allows more light throughout the whole year and this leads not only to more production but also better quality. The extra light also provides a saving on energy due to more solar energy inside.

AntiReflect is the result of years of research where nanotechnology from the ‘solar’ industry has been an inspiration. Mardenkro developed the coating based on a clear demand in the market, growers have repeatedly stated that there is need for an affordable way to improve the light transmission.

AntiReflect is intensively tested in practice in 2016. It is proved to be a strong wear-resistant coating which is hardly susceptible to weather influences and can thereby stay on the greenhouse roof for a longer period of time. The coating must be mechanically applied to the greenhouse roof, on a similar way as the ReduSystems coatings.

More information can be found at www.antireflect.com