Agromediterránea has launched a new container for the marketing of BIO radishes under its brand Sun & Vegs. It is a sustainable container made with recycled plastic that has been recovered from areas near the coasts and in the seas of Southeast Asia. It is doing so as one of the main partners of Prevented Ocean Plastic, which in 2020 alone prevented more than 830 million plastic bottles from polluting the sea.

The BIO radishes are marketed in a 100% R-PET container, designed with a minimum micron size, which can be recycled for reuse. In addition to innovating with the material used, Agromediterránea has picked a format that had so far never been used for radishes: a 200-gram cup with a lid – instead of the usual bag or flowpack – which keeps the product fresh for longer and facilitates its consumption.

“We continue to innovate to always find the best ways to bring our products directly from the field to our customers. We are constantly testing various alternatives and we are able to offer a wide range of more sustainable options adapted to current consumer demands,” says Jesús Gómez, general director of Agromediterránea.

Through its alliance with Prevented Ocean Plastic, the company is contributing to the circular economy and helping avoid the environmental pollution of the oceans. The initiative – promoted by the packaging manufacturer Grupo Gullin – is also having a positive economic impact in those areas where plastic is collected, since local communities are directly involved in a process certified by the independent organization OceanCycle.

The introduction of POP certified plastic is expanding the range of sustainable packaging options offered by Agromediterránea. It already has products with zero plastic and 100% recyclable options, such as kraft cardboard banding for zucchini, or cellulose trays for corn.

BIO products
In addition to radish, Agromediterránea currently has three other products with an organic label on offer, marketed under the BIO Sun & Vegs brand: zucchini, iceberg lettuce and broccoli. This product line is growing steadily and is allowing the supply of fresh, certified and organic products.

You can learn more about the recycling initiatives of Prevented Ocean Plastic in the following video: