DACS A/S is a Danish, family-owned company with 30 years experience of developing, producing and delivering ventilation and control systems for livestock production. We have used our comprehensive knowledge about livestock production in the development of new products ensuring our customers the best ventilation solutions on the market. Our focus is on optimum animal welfare and on maximum energy efficiency.

The most energy efficient ventilation on the market

DACS’ ventilation solutions are the most energy efficient on the market and move more air at a lower energy consumption than any other system on the market. The ventilators have been tested in our own wind tunnel in a research project in collaboration with two Danish universities. Our results are documented in black and white, and we have – of course – tested ventilation solutions from our competitors as well.

The DACS patented ventilation systems for livestock offer unique yet simple features that combine maximum animal well-being with profitable production. The Corona air intake mixes the warm air from the house with incoming air creating a constant gentle air flow pattern. The mixing removes gaseous waste products from the animals and helps to keep the house dry. In conjunction with the HE740 exhausts the right air exchange in the house is maintained at any time. On top the mixing reduces your heating expenses by as much as 50 %.

The ACS climate- and production controllers from DACS are simple to use, yet the most advanced on the market. The controllers are pre-set to ensure the best climate for your animals. Optimum ventilation, humidity and temperature are crucial factors in this context, and the ACS controllers keep track of all data for as long as you want. The ACS controllers are internet based.

Award winning wall mount fan

DACS’ new wall mount fan, MagFan, simply is the most energy efficient, you can get. MagFan has won the national Danish part of the European competition for sustainable products and is as much as 70 % more energy efficient than the average top ten competitors.

More information: www.dacs.dk