Njoy has been Diosa Fruit’s own brand since 2013. After years of using the trusted black box, it was time for a new look.

These days trading company Diosa Fruit is responsible for the sale of, among other things, peppers under its own brand. As of last week in two new boxes. Director Teun Hendriks talks about the how and why of this step.

“I visited the United Kingdom two years ago. I noticed how well known our brand already was there. I was pleasantly surprised by it. It shows that people value the reliability and quality experience that we want to impart with our own brand.”

Sellers Nick and Art in the packing hall of Oostland Company

The visit confirmed for Teun that a good foundation has now been laid with his own brand. “By supplying under our own brand, our product is easily recognisable. You notice that wholesalers and market traders in particular attach increasing importance to this.”

Initially, the brand was built up with peppers from own grower Oostland Company. Nowadays, the trading company supplies a growing range of vegetables, also no longer exclusively from the greenhouse. A good reason to renew the brand as well, the most visible part of the new cardboard boxes. Diosa Fruit uses two: one measuring 30×40 centimeters, good for 5 kilos and one of 60×40 centimeters, good for 10 kilos.

The renewed boxes can be used universally. “In recent years we have started offering more and more products. More and more growers are supplying us. At the same time, we notice that the number of customers is also growing. They are increasingly asking for our own brand Njoy, because it means they can count on quality and a stable, good product that is also recognisable. ”

Good view of availability
The main sales markets for Diosa Fruit are the United Kingdom and Ireland. “Although the own cultivation of peppers there has been growing slightly recently, they still import a lot. It will stay that way for a while. ”

Diosa Fruit also exports to other countries. Weather conditions in Europe and beyond have a significant effect on where demand comes from. “Whether it is a wet, cool summer or a hot, dry summer, certainly makes a big difference in paprika. We have seen that in recent years.”

This year the Dutch season started for Diosa Fruit in week 10/11. “There was a lot of demand right away. Spain finished earlier than usual and also had quality issues. It meant that we were able to meet the demand well this year with Dutch product.”

Volumes have recently been high and increased significantly, although that changed in week 15. “The volumes from the greenhouse are currently temporarily declining rapidly, as we see with our growers. Thanks to our cultivation experience and close cooperation with them, we always have a good idea of what, how much and when we have product. For the next few weeks there will temporarily be less volumes on the market. ”

Leeks from our own grower

But as already indicated, Njoy is no longer just about peppers. The complete range can be seen on the renewed website of Diosa Fruit, although the trick is ultimately to meet customer demand. “We want to supply what they ask for. That can also include a pallet of oranges or courgettes, for example. It is up to us to find the right growers for customer demand. And to continue to distinguish ourselves with our own brand. Including with the right packaging. Sometimes in our boxes, but we can also provide small packaging or delivery in crates.”

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