LTO Noord is a Dutch company that representative agricultural interests is, among other places, Hollands Kroon. It’s appealing against the permit for a Microsoft data center. The Hollands Kroon town council granted this in early January. It’s supposed to be Microsoft’s second data center at Agriport. That’s in addition to other tech giants, who are also establishing data centers there.

This is how the Microsoft data center will look. It will be on 16 ha of land along Cultuurweg in Middenmeer, the Netherlands. Image credit: Hollands Kroon Town Council

LTO believes farmers’ and horticulturalists’ interests aren’t being sufficiently considered. And that the effects of constructing a new data center haven’t been adequately assessed. “It goes against our members’ interests,” LTO Noord Hollands Kroon’s chairman, Wim Mostert, told news outlets, including NH Nieuws.

“They grant permits easily without clear frameworks being established beforehand. And without proper consideration of the consequences. The regional agricultural sector is concerned about several matters. These include not only cooling water use and nitrogen emissions. The scale of the developments is also worrying.”

Read more (in Dutch) here at NH Nieuws. The council and Microsoft give their reactions too.