Santiana RZ is Rijk Zwaan’s first large TOV that brings the benefits of a jointless truss structure. “With great performance on production, shelf life, and fruit color, this newcomer is ready to disrupt the Large TOV segment and give growers a choice,” says Alfredo Noriega, Sales Representative at Rijk Zwaan Mexico.

More than just high yield potential
Santiana RZ stands out in the crowd thanks to its excellent shelf life as well as its high production potential but its consistently high fruit weight might be its biggest advantage. “It is rare that a tomato variety with such a high fruit weight has a yield potential like Santiana RZ. Due to the positioning of the trusses and the large fruit size, more kilograms can be harvested per hour” says Alfredo Noriega. “In addition to the yield performance, the trusses ripen consistently so the plants maintain a better balance throughout the season. The increased uniformity makes it easier for the grower to steer Santiana RZ.”

Positive experiences with Santiana RZ
The new tomato season is about to start in Mexico and growers’ initial experiences with Santiana RZ have all been very positive. “The variety has good strength, it can easily be harvested for 39 weeks and it is also very nice and firm,” comments Mexican grower Felipe Palomares from Hortícola Cimarron. Alfredo Noriega adds: “Not all tomato varieties are suitable for pruning the first trusses at six fruits per truss, which is something growers like to do here in Mexico, but Santiana RZ is thanks to its strength. Additionally, if the plant is well-balanced, it is possible to prune to six again in the middle of the cycle, resulting in an additional tomato per truss and a higher yield. Santiana RZ has everything a variety needs in order to succeed in the market.”

Global appeal
“After the positive response to Santiana RZ from growers in the Netherlands, Poland, and North America, we are really pleased to see that this variety is performing well in Mexico too. The stand-out features of large and heavy fruits, a high yield and good shelf life coupled with a grower-friendly regime mean that Santiana has the global appeal we expected,” states Paul Simmonds, International Crop Coordinator for High Tech Tomato. “At Rijk Zwaan, we understand that changing variety is a big decision so we are more than happy to support growers during the cultivation process. We strive to learn and realize the best results together – as partners.”

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