Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Church Brothers Farms is offering foodservice customers a new premium pack of Little Gem lettuce under the SweetHearts brand.

Little Gem lettuce is a cross between Romaine and butter lettuce with a crisp texture and sweet, mild flavor. Church Brothers says their small size and colors provide an upscale appearance when plated. The leafy green can be used for loose-leaf salads or grilling but can also serve as vehicles for tapas or shareable bites. Because they are sweeter in flavor, Little Gems serve as a base for bold flavors and ingredients.

Church Brothers Farms uses a special lettuce variety and hand trims each head, this provides end users with a minimal prep, high-yield product that can be used in a range of menu applications. Operators can serve the head halved, in wedges, or chopped for more traditional use as a meal component.

“This is the latest item from our innovation team as we work to provide products that enhance the dining experience,” said Rick Russo, senior vice-president of sales and marketing.

Church Brothers Farms is shipping SweetHearts Little Gems in 60 count cartons.

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Church Brothers Farms
Tel: +1 (831) 796-2439

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