The Sicilian seed company Fenix is proud to present the new 2021 professional seeds catalog.

The first section of the new catalog is dedicated to basil, due to its relevance and the many varieties available that are suitable to satisfy every possible company need.

Between the hybrids of basil you will find specifically Downy-mildew and Fusarium resistant varieties: Prospera F1, suitable for fresh-cut on greenhouse and open field, Basilio F1 and Gervaso F1, designed to produce pots.

Gervaso F1 and Basilio F1 represent an absolute news on the market, considering that they are the first two hybrids specifically designed to make pots which show a true resistance against basil Downy-mildew.

The 2021 Catalog includes a new section dedicated to cabbage and that’s because Fenix is increasingly more present in the centre and north of Italy where this species is widely diffused.

As it was in the last editions, the 2021 Catalog offers a large section on eggplant, tomato and watermelon rootstocks with the integration of two new hybrids for pepper: FX 1575 F1, intra-specific hybrid for spring transplants that gives a good balance to the plant and FX 1576 F1, intra-specific hybrid for Autumn-Winter transplants that allows the plant to overcome seasonal stress nicely, with a positive influence on the quality of fruit.

The integration of the rootstock section is enriched with the hybrid melon FX 1891 F1 which guarantees a nice connection with the nest while keeping the correct size of fruits and avoiding cracking phenomena, without affecting any organoleptic features.

Within the tomato section you will find several news about cherry tomatoes, midi-plum and cluster-typology like FX 1648 which presents itself with a vigorous plant and an interesting resistance feedback to some new Tobamoviruses.

Moreover, you will find an entire section dedicated to specialties like FX 1622 F1, tomato hybrid suitable for Autumn-Winter transplants with an innovative shape; FX 1637 F1, a unique hybrid within its genre for its innovative gold (yellow-green) color and FX 1548 F1, a new determinate mini-plum tomato which is suitable both for the fresh market and processing.

Kendall F1 – elegance and yield, also during Sicilian hot summers.

The 2021 Catalog is rich of details and products like the very sweet mini-plum Miele, suitable for Autumn-Winter transplants and the super-productive Kendall for Spring-Summer cycles. They are both characterized by very high resistance levels against pathogens. In addition, it is possible to find other rootstocks like Rootpower, which guarantees a long productive cycle with a balanced plant and Securforce which maintains the original organoleptic features of fruits.

Miele F1- Mini-plum Miele F1, It is increasingly more spread and appreciated thanks to its organoleptic features.

This is a Catalog that aims both on new varieties and Fenix already excellent and established products.

Fenix paid always attention to the quality and health of seeds that it introduces on the market. In fact, each single Fenix seed is commercialized under strong tracking protocols and it is certified in the respect of the current European law.

It will be possible to consult and download details about technical and informative material throughout the product sheets that are available on Fenix official website.

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