Netled was founded in 2008 by a greenhouse company to advance research and development work towards finding energy efficient solutions for greenhouse lighting. Nowadays Netled has two business areas: Vertical farming technology (Vera®) for controlled environment agriculture and LED lighting solutions for greenhouses. Over the past years Netled’s Vera® was developed in co-operation with growers and technology partners. Today the system is the most advanced vertical farming system in the world. Own demo facility in Finland produces growing recipes for wide variety of plants.

Vera® offers multiple benefits for every grower while being a turn-key solution with low maintenance costs. The system gives an absolute control of air humidity and heat energy. In insulated facilities it enables about 60% recovery rate of energy for reuse. It also genuinely saves water by avoiding ventilation of humidity into the skies. The system channels the vaporized humidity back to water circulation to be reused in irrigation. As for lighting, Vera® produces optimal light for plants by controlling the amount and distribution of light according to the needs. Vera®-system gives the grower peace of mind by using automation to steer the climate and keeping the growing environment always optimal.

Environmental issues and climate change set various challenges on farming. Closed farming system gives an answer to many growing challenges especially in areas where climate is harsh or natural water resources are limited. It also enables sustainable and local production of clean vegetables.

Netled’s greenhouse solutions are based on the same kind of innovative LED lighting as Vera® uses. With extensive knowledge of horticultural lighting, Netled is able to optimize the greenhouse lighting solution for any location in the world, enabling better growth, energy savings and increased production among other benefits.

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