As of this year, Dutch cucumbers have been available at Albert Heijn all year round. Gijs Heineke, buyer of vegetables at Albert Heijn, explains that this is possible through improved techniques and offering growers certainty of purchase. Heineke: “Home-grown cucumbers are a lot fresher. You can have them on your counter two days after harvest.”

By offering Dutch cucumbers to Albert Heijn’s customers all year round, the logistics chain has been shortened by two days in the winter months.


Albert Heijn sells about 50 million cucumbers every year. The product comes from regular growers with whom the supermarket chain has agreements. The supermarket chain says it is focusing on more and more local products. This year, more than 40 million fruit and vegetable products from Dutch soil will be added.

Cucumber is the most popular product in the fruit and vegetable department. “Cucumber is so popular because almost everyone likes to eat cucumber, as a snack, in salad, to take to work, work-outs and the (home) office. Cucumber is an easy way to achieve the recommended daily amount of vegetables of 250 grams,” according to Heineke.

Source: Albert Heijn