Bakker Brothers is starting 2021 right with the addition of four new products to their hybrid vegetable seeds range of Solanum varieties. Two new hybrid eggplant varieties and two new hybrid determinate tomato varieties are now available for purchase.

A-quality fruits assured

Varo is a half-long hybrid eggplant with an open plant and good leaf cover. The protection from its leaves shields the fruits against sunburn, guaranteeing a deep dark purple colour.

For tunnel and open field
Early maturity

Works wonders in winter

Half-long hybrid eggplant Vidal is extraordinarily versatile, suitable for tunnel and open field production in summer and in winter. Its open plant lessens disease pressures. The leaf cover ensures the fruits will retain their deep, dark purple colour excellently, even in hot conditions.

For tunnel and open field
Early maturity

Perfect hand-pick for processing industry

Vilaka is a double-purpose hybrid determinate tomato. This high yielding elongated type has a concentrated fruit set. The fruits have a brix of 4.8, thick walls and a semi-jointed attachment. The plant has very good vigour and the leaves cover the fruits well, shielding them against sunburn.

For fresh market and processing industry
Early maturity
Fruit weight 120-150gr
Resistant/tolerant to: TYLCV, TSWV, ToTV, Rs, Fol-2, Aal, Va
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Top choice in high disease pressure areas

Vizela is a hybrid round determinate tomato with an excellent disease resistance package. The round fruits are very firm. The vigorous plant gives good protection against the sun.

For fresh market
Medium early maturity
Fruit weight 150-180gr
Resistant/tolerant to: ToMV, TYLCV, TSWV, ToTV, Rs, Ss, Pst, Fol-2, Aal, Va
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