The Dutch based establishment, Europe Retail Packing B.V, has been experiencing, alongside the entire fresh produce industry, the immense obstacles created by Covid19’s social restrictions and lockdowns. “It goes without saying that there is an overall decline in sales inflicted by these restrictions. Anyone claiming otherwise or anyone thinking it will simply fade away by itself is, to say the least, a bit detached from reality”, stated by Omer Kamp of ERP.

Since March of 2020 to this day forth, the majority of the European Hospitality Sector remains closed and/or under vast limitations. Consequently and for obvious reasons, most of the orders received are either designated for the major retailers or for filling in last minute orders made possible between the gaps from one lockdown to another. Raymond van der Burgh of ERP continues by stating that the problem extends further due to the fact that agricultural products do not abide to the same rules as our elected politicians do. As opposed to governments making swift and sudden decisions concerning lockdowns and/or restrictions, farms require a lot more time for preparations before any yield can be seen.

On average and without taking into consideration supply delays and / or weather conditions, it takes about 35 to 45 days minimum to replenish yield at a Fresh Herb Field. “This is a reminder of the time it takes to plant additional fields to cover sudden increases in demand. Furthermore, what if the market opens up, due to Easter, by only 10%? Well, there will then be problems with supply, that’s for sure” stated by Joella Steenbergen of ERP.

Aside from that and from the Retailers’ perspective, there is a noticeable and undisputed growth in demand for packed products and packed herbs in particular. No formal study has been published as to explain this behavioural change but, common sense has it that consumers simply find it easier to purchase packed herbs and feel more at ease knowing the product hasn’t been exposed to excessive human touch.

Van der Burgh claims: “Just as the name implies ERP is a specialist in the packaging of all lines and all herbs. With multiple sites cumulating 22,000 M2 for packing and another 20,000 M2 for storage and over 60 different packaging machines, the company has adjusted itself and now offers a solution to what could later turn into the industry’s future challenges: Managing a stable supply chain and Maximizing the extent of the services offered. Our pledge remains to continue and offer Same Day Packaging Solutions and Same Day Availabilities of all herbs.”

The fresh herb industry has reached a crossroad whereby it must choose a turn or hit the wall. In our case, it appears that the turn has to be towards consolidations, steady supply, immediate service and most importantly, preparing for the day after.” Joella Steenbergen concluded.

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