GKE Corp has been granted a farm licence for its subsidiary GKE Agritech to grow and sell agricultural produce commercially in Singapore. The integrated warehousing and logistics solutions provider has stated it received approval from the Singapore Food Agency for its farm licence application on March 27.

Formerly known as AGT Solutions, GKE Agritech was renamed after its acquisition by the group in January this year. Its initial focus was to grow kale as its key product for local consumption. According to GKE, the indoor cultivation of kale will provide consistency in the quality and quantity of pesticide-free vegetables, and thus allow consumers access to “top-quality produce that is safe, nutritious and promotes an active and healthy lifestyle”.

Image: GKE Corporation

Since the acquisition and renaming of the subsidiary, the group’s office premise at 6 Pioneer Walk has been converted into a 2,400 sq ft indoor farm for the purpose of cultivating kale. GKE Agritech uses a controlled-environment agriculture approach to deploy automation and sensors, with the goal of protecting and maintaining optimal growing conditions throughout the development of the indoor farm’s crops.

Businesstimes.com.sg reports that, with its recently granted farm licence, GKE intends to gradually expand this indoor cultivation area to 12,500 sq ft, the group said in its statement.