TrueAlgae is a U.S.-based biotech company focused on providing micronutrient dense algae products to nourish the soil and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. Angela Tsetsis, TrueAlgae’s Chief Commercial Officer, is a lifelong algae enthusiast.

TrueAlgae’s agriculture product, TrueSolum, helps to regenerate soil. Soil is the basis for all life. It provides the growth environment needed to produce the fruits and vegetables we eat, as well as grazing lands for the animals that supply our meat, dairy and eggs. If our soil is healthy, our food supply is able to provide the right nutrition for us to not just live but thrive. TrueSolum has also been shown to allow for the reduction of harmful chemical fertilizers that deplete the soil and run-off into our waterways and oceans, creating many of the long-term environmental issues we face today.

“Our technology grows microalgae in an efficient, scalable, closed-loop system providing a clean, economical supply of this valuable and environmentally friendly resource. This growth system is unique in the industry because of its low cap-ex, ease of operation and minimal energy usage. Because of this economical and clean production system, we can provide algae-based products for agriculture, dietary supplements, food ingredients, animal feed and aquaculture” says Angela.

“In addition, algae are incredibly environmentally friendly. They use harmful CO2 to grow and release life-giving oxygen into the environment. In fact, algae are responsible for 50% of the oxygen on the planet. Imagine using the phytonutrient dense water produced from growing algae to increase agriculture productivity as well as using the algae biomass to help feed the world’s growing population. Algae is an excellent source of all the macronutrients we require to live, as well as many of the micronutrients that help us flourish. Plus, algae are a renewable resource that requires minimal energy to reproduce.”

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