The volume of production of the year-round greenhouse complex “Sayuri” in Yakutia after the launch of the third stage in 2022 may reach 2.3 – 2.4 thousand tons per year. This was reported by IA TASS with reference to the head of the marketing department of Sayuri LLC Sergey Voronin.

The launch of the third stage of the Sayuri complex is tentatively scheduled for mid-December 2022.

The year-round greenhouse complex “Sayuri” is a resident of the priority development area (TOP) “Yakutia”. The project was launched in the spring of 2016. For the first time in the permafrost and extremely low temperatures in Yakutia, year-round cultivation of cucumbers, tomatoes and greens has been established. In addition, in the complex, in a test mode, the production of garden strawberries has begun.

“There weren’t as many [garden strawberries] in October as we would have liked. But the results are impressive to us, and the chief agronomist will defend the point of view that it will be possible to allocate a whole greenhouse block for strawberry production, and then we will be able to satisfy Yakutsk’s need for this berry much more significantly ”.
Sergey Voronin – Head of Marketing Department of Sayuri LLC
In 2015, in the suburb of Yakutsk, a priority development area “Industrial Park“ Kangalassy ”was created. In February 2020, the government of the Russian Federation expanded the boundaries of the territory and changed its name to the Yakutia ASEZ, the preferential regime was extended to certain areas of the villages of Zhatay and Nizhny Bestyakh. 24 companies have been granted the status of a resident of the Yakutia ASEZ.