Feather pecking, cannibalism and other welfare problems in laying hen houses may have various causes. It is our opinion that a bad light climate should not be one of these causes. One of the most important aspects of a laying hen’s light climate is the lightspectrum. The lightspectrum must resemble that of the laying hen’s natural light environment, that of daylight. With the CORAX we, HATO BV, tried to match daylight and create the optimal spectrum. Providing light with the most optimal spectrum enables laying hen’s to distinguish as much details as possible and to exploit their environment to the fullest, which will lead to improved animal health and welfare.

Sometimes it is hard to prevent feather pecking, cannibalism and other unwanted behavior to occur. For this particular reason you can choose to add monochromatic red light to your CORAX. Monochromatic red light can be a last measure in order to stop cannibalism and wound pecking to spread out. Blood and other pecking appealingly parts of the hen are less visible due to a severe shrinkage of the provided spectrum.

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