The research for new packaging solutions, both to match the new trends in fresh produce consumption and to attract a wider range of customers, has been a quite established effort in the food industry during the last few years. The evident consequences have been new developments in packaging design and production and a fine tuning of the existent models.

The sweeping “Plastic Free” environmental movement and the willingness to find out a way for packaging with “less-plastic” to dispose after consumption, have pushed the packaging industry towards a huge streamlining both in design and production. The first evidence is the decrease of plastic by almost 30% on the average weight and the structure itself.


Less and recyclable plastic is the new standard, as sustainable sourcing has become a mainstream. This is the case of the top-sealed packaging solutions made in rPET.

Recently Carton Pack S.p.A. invested on this field, re-designing its top-sealed packaging range to meet the current technical guidelines in the fresh produce market, thus aiming to empower its commitment towards environmental safeguard and sustainability issues too.

The D2 Model, for instance, is a top-sealable container made up to 100% rPET specially designed for tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, and cherries. The top edge has been redesigned to ensure maximum resistance during the sealing process. The corner profiles have been reinforced by solid ribs with rounded lines. Both sides have been made more linear to allow perfect visibility of the produce. The biggest value lies in the structure of the bottom which has some plates to improve the weight distribution and the raising of the entire structure. Breathing has been empowered by special ventilation openings designed to collect the outside air in the very bottom of the tray thus achieving a perfect air flowing towards the top.


The top-sealable range has been declined in lots of formats such as the Bucket (Mod. BK – see pic above), a mono-material rPET container with integrated handle and optional lid; but the range extends also to the 1 or 2 Kg. Tray (Mod. T – see pic above), and a lot of punnets specially designed for berries, cherries, tomatoes, and other small size references.

The projects that Carton Pack will carry out in the future will increasingly involve a consistent use of responsibly managed raw material in the recovery and recycling process.

Last but not least is the great value of top-sealing solutions as we know that branding on packaging enhances consumer experience. Carton Pack has a Creative Design Dept. and a Flexo Printing Dept. which provide a professional support and service to print up to ten colors graphics on the sealing film.

Carton Pack today supplies a turn-key solution of 100% rPET top-sealed packaging made in Italy.

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