The solution for cow housing

Hato BV has developed a new strong LED cow lamp which contributes to very energy efficient lighting in cowsheds. Over 40 years’ experience in lighting, is the strong base for the intelligent MEGASCOPS LED cow lamp. This LED lamp contributes to an evenly distributed light, which avoids “spotlighting” and dark corners. Research has shown that intelligent lighting will increase milk yield and a faster growth of young cattle.

The use of the MEGASCOPS light is cost-effective due to its built-in dimmable power supply and results in a very short pay-back time. The “instant on” feature assures no long waiting times, as seen with metal-halide lamps, and restrikes immediately power when the power goes off.

The MEGASCOPS has multiple LEDs in several clusters, consuming 208 Watt in total. This lighting-system can be mounted directly against the ceiling or it can be hanged using the specially designed hanging construction. The optional red LEDs ensure an easy inspection during the night, without disturbing the animals.

Hato BV can give you free advice for the total lighting system to optimize your light climate and ensure optimal performance of your animals.

Key features are:

– Extreme long lifetime up to 60.000 hours

– 208 W (15.000 lm)

– 200-480 V/50-60 Hz

– Light colour 3000K

– Dimmable for more energy saving

– Optional red LEDs

– Flicker-free technology

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