“Constantly, we’re impressed at the effort successful growers are willing to exert on upgrades, applications, variable rates, machinery, input, etc. to try and increase yield or reduce cost. However, there’s not a product out there coming close to the ROI that SNX30 can give you with a lot less effort and a fraction of the upfront cost,” says Lee Roberts with SmartNute.

“SmartNute (Nute = nutrient from energy) SNX30 is an energetic nutrient supplement that swaps places with 83% to 87% of physical nutrient inputs,” Robert says.

The idea behind SNX30 began in 2014 when research was completed on resonant frequencies and subatomic particles and how they relate to resonance phenomena. “After 6 years of R&D, small plot and field trials, SNX30 has been proven to provide the biggest ROI to growers and farmers,” he adds. “SNX30 is the miracle-like plant nutrient that no one was expecting. It’s formulated by imprinting energetic signatures from resonant frequencies of quantum wave functions into a safe solution called a substrate — to deliver nutrient requirements (macros, micros, amino acids, vitamins, proprietary inputs) to plants and soil.”

Speaking in more easy language, Robert says it is like adding a turbocharger to boost engine power. “SNX30 acts like nature’s turbocharger to boost nutrient (and microbe) power. It’s 100% from nature, non-toxic and the cost is negligible. There is no plant damage and no seed burn when used with 83% less inputs at-the-seed with no yield loss. ”

“Farmers who first field trialed SNX30 were leery because it seemed too good to be true, but now realize it works as described,” he adds. Now he’s looking for more growers (row and specialty crop farmers and hydroponic growers) that can help him do more field trials.

“The more field trials we complete the more we can learn about the bandwidth of this product to not only help farmers, but also to help balance our ecosystem and keep you ahead of government mandates. We can also develop a SNX30 type formula for seed treatments, microbes and pests too.”

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