Ecoation Innovative Solutions, a provider of data-driven grower assist technology, and AGvisorPRO, a platform that connects growers with experts remotely in real-time, have signed an agreement to collaborate through integration.

Ecoation and AGvisorPRO aim to integrate their platforms to facilitate a stress-free transition from finding an issue in the greenhouse to seeking help through expert consultation. ecoation’s services provide operational visibility within the greenhouse to the SqM, offering powerful AI insights and reports to identify risks and cost-savings opportunities, magnifying a grower’s ability to spot challenges, and even allowing users to walk the rows virtually to assess the crops remotely. With barriers like COVID-19 and easily transmitted plant diseases, AGvisorPRO’s expansive network of ag experts can offer assistance to growers on the ground without ever needing to set foot inside the facility through their real-time remote consultation platform. The Canadian-based companies identified an opportunity to collaborate and drive value by allowing ecoation customers to access AGvisorPRO ag experts through a web app integration and share their insights directly with consultants to work through problems in real-time.

Early-stage intelligence
“Like many other industries, early-stage intelligence in agriculture has an expiry date and if not acted upon, it loses its value. This is why we are excited about this collaboration with AGvisorPRO that helps our growers to seek advice as easy as a click of a button, from experts who can help them determine their course of action. A lot of greenhouses are expanding their facilities and we see a lot of ‘first-time’ growers in the market. Having the ability to see things as they unfold on the ground through ecoation’s platform and connect to experts with ease through AGvisorPRO is a game changer,” commented ecoation Founder and CEO, Dr. Saber Miresmailli.

“The integration of AGvisorPRO with ecoation expands our agriculture channel to the indoor agriculture sector,” explains AGvisorPRO Founder and CEO Robert Saik. “By embedding AGvisorPRO inside ecoation’s platform we can facilitate instant matching and connection with greenhouse and indoor experts who can help growers with a myriad of issues without those experts having to be on the farm. It’s about shrinking time and space and stretching brains not bodies.”

AGvisorPRO will be integrating their application into the ecoation platform and providing seamless technical support within the ecoation system. Through the AGvisorPRO “Instant Access” interface, growers can click on the AGvisorPRO app and connect to an ecoation expert for assistance.

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