It can be seen everywhere; robots are increasingly often introduced in greenhouses and pack houses, to:

– Raise productivity,

– To lower physical strain

– To respect fresh produce treatment better

– Above all: to lower production costs and raise efficiency.

With continuously increasing demands to the various processes in greenhouses and material handling, it is Koat’s vision that robotics will play a greater role in the future. Robots are extremely reliable, never have to stop for lunch, coffee breaks or sleep, are never ill and never complain about repetitive work. Robots will be the dominant manner of automation in horticultural applications, from harvesting to palletizing!

Koat is a renowned manufacturer of all transport, conveying and handling equipment for the greenhouse industry. With 25 years of experience, Koat has realized solutions for almost all thinkable challenges. It’s portfolio runs from harvest carts and AGV systems to conveying, weighing, packing and palletizing, specifically for careful handling of fresh produce, e.g. fruits and vegetables.

The early program naturally consisted predominantly of conventional (old school) automation, but in recent years, Koat has added robotics to her portfolio to live up the obvious trends and market needs. Koat has realized many projects with robots: e.g. palletizing various products at various positions, whereby multifunctional grippers will handle all forthcoming boxes and crates, pallets and even intermediate sheets.

Another application is one where the robot will depalletize boxes with apples, carefully depositing the apples onto an infeed conveyor towards a grader and subsequently repalletizing the empty boxes. Many solutions require flexibility, hence robotics often form an useful addition to handling challenges. Koat has a unique position in handling robotics for the horticultural industry in a very cost effective way. Should you have any such challenges in your handling, challenge Koat to see if a solution can be found.

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