MiniGu®, a mini cucumber brand from the Almeria-based company Ecoinver, has just been launched with the support of Enza Zaden and its EasyQs® line.

“The launch of MiniGu has happened after extensive experience growing the product,” says Ismael Segura, CEO of Ecoinver, talking about the first steps in launching the brand. It all started after we were asked for a unique product by one of our customers. We are now one of the main producers of mini cucumbers in the EasyQs line, with 50% of the total marketed, and we wished to appreciate the work carried out by our growers. With this new line, we wanted to highlight the effort and professionalism of a sector that doesn’t stop working despite any obstacles or social circumstances.”

Under the slogan “Unique products for unique people”, Ecoinver has been supplying specialties for more than a decade. Seven years ago, the fruit and vegetable company, based in the west of Almeria, specifically in Las Norias de Daza, decided to invest in the EasyQs concept from Enza Zaden.

“One of the greatest advances achieved by these mini-cucumber seeds is that the product can be grown all year round and always has the expected color, natural flavor and crunchy texture. The product responds to market demands and trends such as sustainability, health and convenience. Its eye-catching packaging is made of cardboard and is therefore recyclable. We pack 4 pieces with an ideal size to be consumed in one time, thus avoiding food waste. It is worth recalling that between 30% and 50% of the food produced worldwide is wasted,” says Ismael Segura.

Enza Zaden has backed the brand creation project. The result of this joint work has been “a packaging format with imagery that shows appreciation for the work of producers, carried out in an environmentally-friendly manner every day of the year,” says M.ª Carmen Manjón, Marketing Project Manager at Enza. “This product is ideal for dipping in sauces, for snacking, smoothies, etc. It facilitates the convenient consumption of vegetables and addresses new market trends,” she says.

Ecoinver’s customers are mainly in European markets, but MiniGu has also reached the US. Ismael Segura also believes that the domestic market has potential for the consumption of this product. “Consumers are becoming more and more demanding and are looking for specialties. There are growing concerns about health and environmental issues. One of our strengths is that we adapt quickly to user demand and to the requirements of each market,” says Ismael Segura.

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