The wet/dry Bistro W series of feeders have been designed so that a wide range of pigs from weaners (P) through to finisher pigs (F) can be accommodated. Our infinitely variable feeder adjustment allows optimum adaptation to all types of feed from meals to pellets as well as the requirements of the animals.

We offer two variations:

– A plastic hopper with 100ltr volume and a stainless steel hopper with 90ltr volume. This volume assures
a fresh and palatable feed for the animals.

The feeders can be installed in the penning system or free-standing in the pen. Feeder life expectancy is increased through the provision of bite protection around the bottom of the cone assembly. Large support brackets allow for stable anchoring to flooring. The support frame, trough and the feed adjustment assembly are all made of high-quality stainless steel adding to the longevity and stability of the feeder.

Different trough designs are used for weaners and finisher pigs so that pigs of all ages can use the Bistro W feeders. The feeder can accommodate 30 – 40 animals resulting in minimal feed loss with maximum feed intake by the animals due to the large trough size.

The plastic hopper has been designed to minimize bridging of feed. A hinged lid allows manual filling of the hopper or cut outs can be used for automatic filling via feedlines. Standard delivery is with two nipple drinkers. It can optionally used with a circulating pipe.

The Bistro W feeder delivers the right outcomes for you and your stock everytime.

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