It is good to stay in the new Ventrio foil greenhouse at Robert van Aert (Van Aert Aardbeien) in Nispen. After much deliberation, the conscious choice was made for this cultivation system in 2020 and now, after a period of 6 months of preparation, the harvest is now underway. A beautiful harvest that makes for smiling faces at Harrie Pijnenburg and Marc van Tilburg (both from Delphy) and grower Robert.  
Harrie and Marc van Delphy and grower Robert are satisfied

A harvest is labeled ‘top’ by the experts. According to the gentlemen, with the Sonsation variety and with the right cultivation strategy, ‘a top performance’ has been achieved in this new cultivation system ‘Ventrio’. The strawberries that will be harvested are of excellent quality with good firmness and colour, grow nicely and also have a good taste.

High ventilation capacity and optimal climate

Earliness was not the most important factor in this cultivation round, but it did control the climate. Thanks to the automatic ventilation system with a very high capacity, this has been successful, as it turns out. The Ventrio cultivation system focuses on the ideal humidity and temperature for strawberry cultivation. All this is done fully automatically based on the conditions measured by the system. For example, during the cold spring, the system automatically closed the tunnels during night frost, only to open them again as soon as sufficient solar radiation was reached during the day. In addition, the grower can still manually adjust the conditions as desired, with the simple push of a button.

Grower Robert states that he is very satisfied with the investment in this innovative project and with the result achieved. “Together with Agrowser, JB Hydroponics and CJ Klep we have put away and achieved something beautiful.”

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