Lock has developed the new EZD 52 rack & pinion unit. The unique design of this new EZD 52 enables it to be installed around the drive shaft. In other words, it no longer needs to be installed by sliding it onto and along the entire length of the tube. The housing is pushed radially over the pinion and the drive shaft where it clips into place, holding the two halves of the pion together. The rack can then be pushed in and secured in the familiar way.

Assembly and disassembly are remarkably easier and quicker to do than every before. The installation sequence on new-builds can be implemented in an entirely new way. When a replacement is needed, the repair task is completed in a very short time indeed – the defective rack & pinion unit is simply set to one side. Faster installation, faster replacement without the need to remove the drive shaft, and compatibility with standard steel rack & pinion drives all combine to define Lock‘s new EZD 52 as an innovative product.

More information: www.lockdrives.com