In addition to the double air inlet for ceilings, Fancom is also introducing a single version especially for animal housing with celling ventilation. The single ceiling inlet has been specially designed for narrow houses up to 12 metres and, when combined with the double ceiling inlet, is also a solution for extremely wide buildings. The inlets ensure a constant, uniform supply of fresh air throughout the house. This addition to the existing range of ceiling inlets means there is a suitable ceiling ventilation system for every type of house so that users can rely on an uninterrupted airflow and sufficient fresh air throughout the house for healthy animals under all conditions.

Say goodbye to cold air drop in your house
The unique V-shape of the Fantura ceiling inlet bundles the incoming flow of air and ensures that a capacity of up to no less than 80% of the air flows along the ceiling. This mixes the incoming air much better with the air already in the house and prevents any draughts onto the animals. There are fewer respiratory problems and the growth performance of the animals is better.

Years of reliable operation
The dimensionally stable ceiling inlet features a wear-resistant seal and has a high insulation value to prevent condensation. Problems with frozen inlets will also be virtually non-existent. Users can rely on years of trouble-free and reliable ventilation. Manual intervention is no longer necessary. This saves times and prevent errors.

Good ventilation in the house keeps the animals healthy so they will develop easier, faster and better. You can see that growth reflected in your technical results. A Fantura air inlet system can make a valuable contribution to this performance.

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