The newest internal greenhouse logistic tool developed by FPHU Maryniaczyk is the Hortitruck, a user-friendly towing tractor with an option to pull up to 3 tons.

The body of the HortiTruck tractor is made of steel protected against corrosion and elements made of ABS plastic. The product has an electric drive and the operator drives the vehicle in a standing position. The vehicle is equipped with a steering system controlled by a multifunction steering wheel, a small display showing the battery charge level as well as the status of all controls, and an hour meter.

Hortitruck will be available soon in an AGV version. The tractor might be adapted to work in an environment with an induction loop. The manufacturer, in cooperation with a Polish research unit, conducts construction work related to designing and creating a prototype of an automatic loading and unloading station intended for use in a greenhouse where an inductive track system with automatically navigated vehicles will be used.

Induction loop systems
FPHU Maryniaczyk successfully implements new logistic and care solutions used in the cultivation of plants in modern greenhouse facilities. The company’s products are popular in many countries in different regions of the world. Now the Polish company is looking for a partner who will implement the manufacturer’s induction loop systems in modern greenhouse facilities.

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