Production and marketing safety in horticulture require a functioning hygiene management. For an effective hygiene concept, a targeted and precise application of detergents and disinfectants is necessary. The required quantities of detergents and disinfectants can be reduced to a minimum by competent advice and optimal implementation of the measures.

Menno Chemie Vertrieb-GmbH has implemented a new online tool to make the determination of the required amount of cleaning agents and disinfectants for hygiene management in the field of plant production quicker and easier. With this tool not only the success of the measure can be maximised by applying the correct quantities, but it also results in a clear order quantity for the whole season. Menno Chemie Vertrieb-GmbH thus ensures absolute cost transparency for the gardener. The tool can be used online on the company’s website under the button Demand Calculation.

All necessary parameters for the calculation can be entered here not only by the Menno consultant in person during an on-site consultation, but also directly by the gardener himself.

No company data is requested when entering the data. The finished calculation can be saved as a PDF file or printed out. It can thus also be used for operational documentation purposes.

The first module to be released is designed for calculating the demand for cleaning agents and disinfectants in the greenhouse. In addition to the German version, English, Dutch and Spanish are also available. Further modules, e.g. for potato storage, cold storage, container space, will follow.

In the matrix, all relevant parameters are queried, e.g. greenhouse construction, cultivation systems, energy screens, heating pipes. The correct calculation, taking all parameters into account, simplifies a targeted and precise application. The drip off factor is also taken into account here in order to avoid overdosing and to reduce the application rates to the necessary level. With a competent implementation of the hygiene measures and the correct application rate of the products used on the surfaces to be treated, the optimum efficiency in the area of cleaning and disinfection can be achieved.

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