As a packaging company from the Dutch Westlands region, JBB Packaging from Maasdijk supplies a lot of packaging to cut flower and potted plant growers. A request from a growers cooperation last year led to the company also taking up activities within the fresh produce sector. “we are ready to supply the fresh produce sector with customer-specific paper packaging!”

“We supply our ornamental cultivation packaging in the Netherlands and throughout Europe, and even Brazil and Australia. Because of our background in the Dutch Westland region, the step to join the fresh produce sector was easily made”, says Henkjan van Essen.

“The funny thing was that the growers’ cooperation which contacted us was looking specifically for a supplier outside of the known fresh produce packaging circles. We made an inventory of what the client wanted and went to work on a bag meant to hold 400 grams of vine tomatoes. One thing led to another, and now we are working on cardboard boxes for 500 grams worth of tomatoes.”

“But we see even more opportunities within the fresh produce sector. Many parties are exploring the possibility of stepping away from using plastic, and with our sustainable and creative paper/ cardboard packaging, you don’t need plastic at all. We offer sustainable packaging which is always costumer specific”, says Henkjan.

“The main difference with the ornamental cultivation is that the entire product line needs to be adjusted in fresh produce cultivation. That is a challenge we gladly accept, in the same manner as we are used to in ornamental cultivation, where some packaging also needs to be processed by machines. By talking to the client and at times the end customer, we create a surprising product with the desired printing and appearance that meets everyone’s expectations.”

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