Now that the Dutch pepper-growing season is in full swing, the entire color mix of Sweet Palermo pointed peppers is available once again, including the eye-catching chocolate-colored ‘Chocolony’.

Last year, vegetable breeding company Rijk Zwaan released a video showcasing the unique color mix of its Sweet Palermo pointed peppers. The mix not only featured the well-known red, yellow and orange Sweet Palermos but also introduced a new family member: the chocolate-colored variant ‘Chocolony’.

This striking color mix is a guaranteed hit with consumers, because the pandemic has meant that cooking at home with new and inspiring products has become more important than ever for many people. Apart from their eye-catching appearance – which makes them ideal for adding a splash of color to a wide range of dishes – Sweet Palermo pointed peppers have a great flavor and delicious sweetness.

The color mix is now available from Postuma.

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