With two new products, Top Seeds International, the international company specializing in the research and marketing of innovative hybrid varieties of high-quality vegetables, has expanded its range of peppers for the Mexican market. The two new varieties are Top Isabel and Top Nadia, a yellow and a red pepper, respectively, with organoleptic and cropping characteristics created with the idea to align with the demands of Mexican producers and consumers.

Specifically, Top Isabel (Top 400) is a new yellow pepper variety with outstanding precocity and fruit setting in hot conditions – common in northwest Mexico – as well as a high degree of leaf cover and excellent fruit quality. Fruits are consistent and large in size (XL and L), with a block shape and a uniform yellow color. Moreover, fruit size and shape remain constant throughout the production cycle.

Top Isabel

Top Nadia (Top 300), on the other hand, is a red pepper variety that produces vigorous, early plants, with good fruit setting capacity in hot conditions and organoleptic characteristics sure to appeal to the Mexican market. In fact, the fruits are firm, large-sized (Jumbo/XL/L) and bright red in color, with a uniform block shape.

Top Nadia

Top 141, the number one red pepper on the Mexican market
The Top Seeds International range of peppers for the Mexican market was already vast even before the launch of Top Isabel and Top Nadia. In fact, over the years the company has concentrated on the continual improvement of its colored pepper varieties in Mexico, in order to offer a rich product assortment that meets the multiple demands of both the market and growers.

“The jewel in the crown of the varietal offering is Top 141. This variety has consolidated its status as a favorite with farmers in north-west Mexico thanks to its precocity and its fruit setting capacity even in very hot conditions, as well as the fruit’s organoleptic and appearance characteristics: its bright red color, its attractive 3-4 lobe shape, its thick walls and its large size (XL/L),” the company announces.

Its precocity, in particular, meets the requirements of a competitive market: Top 141 is available in December and January, when the supply of peppers on the export market fails to meet demand.

Top 166, on the other hand, is the red pepper with exceptional precocity, outstanding for its intense color, block shape, and thick walls. These characteristics make it ideal for “traffic light” packaging, while the fruit’s large size is perfect for bagged sale.

Last but not least is Top Dron, the high-cropping medium-precocity variety very well suited to the main Mexican growing areas. This fruit has a large size (L and XL), an attractive shape, and intense red color. Top Dron is perfect for sale in boxes and bags.

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