Arntjen Germany, Rastede, is now offering two new Excellent safety feeding racks as EU 105/S 2“ and EU 108/S 2,5“ models, with 105 and 108 signifying the frame heights of the feeding racks in centimeters. The rack elements we offer are designed for 2 to 7 animals and offer a feed bunk width ranging from approx. 65 to 75 cm, allowing for flexible installation on all types of feed bunks.

Eating in peace
Our new Arntjen safety feeding racks afford the cows exactly the amount of space they need to consume large portions of feed. The rack tubes are positioned vertically while the cows are eating. The cows perceive this arrangement as particularly pleasant as the barrier offers them greater support than a diagonal rack or a plain neck rail. What is more, the racks allow the farmer to fix the cows in place manually when they need to undergo a treatment or must be subjected to a checkup. Plus, businesses who prefer to manually dispense individual portions of concentrated feed depend on this safety feeding rack to ensure that each animal will receive the correct ration and be able to consume it in peace without being crowded by other animals.

Efficient use of feed
The elements responsible for the highest costs in milk production are base feed and enhanced base feed. This type of feed was harvested, stored and ensiled with utmost care. The perfectly designed feed bunk entices the animals to eat 12 times a day, ensuring that they eat the amount of feed you want them to consume. Arntjen safety feeding racks deliver ultimate comfort during the cows’ feed intake and make it easier for the farmer to select and examine the animals. The ratio of feeding versus resting places – especially in newly constructed barns – should be 1:1 as this ratio will ensure that heavily pregnant animals will receive their fair share as well. Real-world experience has shown that this ratio often shifts toward the feeding places as the herd grows. However, this ratio is still tolerable to low-lactating cows. Choose our new Arntjen Excellent safety feeding racks and invest in the future of your dairy farm.

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