The consumer demand for healthy and convenient food options has been on the rise over the years, and with the onset of the pandemic – which was quickly followed by meal fatigue – the demand is higher than ever. Ark Foods is looking to fill the demand with their new salad line: Clean Label Salads.

Melanie Baker, Senior Brand and Communications Manager at Ark Foods, explains: “While spending hours tending to a sourdough was a coveted activity in the spring of 2020, as we mark a year spent at home, the cooking fatigue is real and preparing healthy, nutritious food falls under that. Offering a line of plant-based salads packed with protein and clean ingredients meets the needs of our customers at this particular moment. You can still eat healthy at home, but without any extra effort.”

Celebrating the unsung heroes of the veggie world
The new Clean Label Salads have four unique options: Cashew Kale Caesar, Crunchy Kale Ranch, Ginger Sesame Greens, and Bright Pesto Greens. What makes them unique is the incorporation of more ‘unconventional’ vegetables. “At Ark Foods, we celebrate the unsung heroes of the veggie world each and every day, from our beloved Shishito pepper, to farming a Purple Bell Pepper that stands out from the red, green and yellow varieties people are used to. Our team took that same approach to heart when deciding which veggies would get the spotlight in our Clean Label Salads,” Baker explains.

Holding true to their motto of celebrating the unsung veggie heroes, the salads incorporate unique vegetables that customers likely haven’t seen in a store-bought salad before. Baker says: “The Cashew Kale Caesar features watermelon radish and toasted chickpeas, the Crunchy Kale Ranch has sun-dried tomatoes, shredded Brussels sprouts and crunchy pepitas. The Ginger Sesame Greens has vibrant rainbow carrots and fresh daikon, and the Bright Pesto Greens has sun-dried tomatoes and golden beets.

Available now in select cities
The vegetables that are part of Ark Foods’ core line-up are grown by the company themselves, but with the expansion of products incorporated into the Clean Label Salads, they have also begun working with trusted supply partners. “Our specialty peppers, squash, and tomatoes are all grown up and down the east coast and come from our farms. With our Clean Label Salads, the priority was to bring more veggies into the mix, while getting them into the hands of more people at an affordable price point. This means we source veggies seasonally from trusted partners who farm high quality, fresh produce in diverse regions across the country,” says Baker.

The Clean Label Salads have started to be released in select cities and retailers, Baker shares. “Right now, you can find us in Pete’s Fresh Market in Chicago, Fridge No More in Brooklyn, and we’ll soon be hitting the shelves at Giant Martins and Whole Foods Market in select regions, including Florida and the Southwest,” she concludes.

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