Supply chain visibility provider Sensitech has expanded its suite of IoT devices to include air-carrier approved and non-lithium battery models for real-time tracking of shipments when cargo is traveling by plane.

The enhanced family of TempTale® GEO and VizCommTM View products support shipments including vaccines, pharmaceuticals and test kits with validated data, enabling critical accept/reject decision-making, regardless of how cargo is moving–by air, land or sea. Sensitech is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, a global provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold-chain solutions.

“These multi-modal, real-time IoT solutions are available now and can quickly be in customers’ hands to enhance the in-transit visibility of their cargo. Ninety percent of our orders are fulfilled within 48 hours,” said Mike Hurton, vice-president & general manager, Sensitech.

The new devices further support Sensitech’s end-to-end approach by offering specific applications to address customer needs:

Real-time visibility for temperature and location, automated cGXP receiving processes and expedited validated product release decisions meeting stringent electronic record-keeping requirements set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Commission.
Non-lithium battery options for all modes of transportation for all industries–including air freight, extended trip lengths of up to 90 days and the capability of probed monitoring from -90oC/-130oF to +55oC/+131o F.
Increased in-transit logistics tracking granularity through easy integration with other business systems within days, not weeks or months.
Data flows directly from the TempTale GEO and VizComm View products to the SensiWatch® Platform, a cloud-based visibility solution, alerting users to in-transit events such as temperature excursions or trends, location delays or light events indicating that a truck or trailer door has opened. The Platform’s analytics engine provides real-time evidence and dashboard reporting to assess compliance and the trip’s performance. The SensiWatch Platform will continue to be enhanced with Carrier’s Lynx™ digital platform.

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