It has been a year since the outbreak of Covid-19 and consumers pay more and more attention to food safety. This also means that people in the fruit industry need to pay more attention to track-and-trace technology for fruit and vegetables. Thermometers play a vital role in the cold supply chain of fruits and vegetables. Elitech, a specialized developer of thermometers, recently promoted a new product series. Elitech introduced the RC-17 and the RC-17N, two single-use NFC thermometers. Manager Chen, a spokesperson for the company, talked about the two new products in detail.

According to manager Chen, “NFC is a type of communication technology that only requires the vicinity of an NFC-enabled smart phone or mobile scanner to read data. Simply open the accompanying software and read the data. This type of technology eliminates the need for a PC and is both reliable and easy to use.

The thermometers can record data for more than 120 days and measure temperatures between minus 30 degrees Celsius and plus 60 degrees Celsius. These thermometers are suitable for short-distance and long-distance transport, and they are widely used around the world. “We have received a lot of positive feedback from clients in the fresh produce, fruit and vegetable, and fresh-cut flower industries since we brought these products on the market. We are more than willing to send samples to clients who express an interest. That is how we help even more clients to run their operations with efficiency,” said manager Chen.

Elitech has clients across the globe. The company supplies clients in more than 120 countries. The Elitech team is now looking for more retailers and distributors to further develop the industry. “We hope to find strategic partners, and we hope to spread thermometers with a high quality-price ratio to even more countries.”

Elitech technology Inc. has more than 25 years of experience in the development and production of communication technologies for the global cold supply chain. They are working hard to provide clients with Internet-of-Things (IoT) monitoring solutions. Elitech pays particular attention to innovation and continuously improves the reliability of their products. The research team of Elitech consists of more than 200 technology experts. Their annual budget for research equals 8% of the overall sales figures.

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