In the Netherlands, The Greenery has begun importing Sweet and Sunny strawberries. Slightly delayed by the cold weather in Spain, the volumes are now increasing rapidly. “Fruit and vegetables help improve your immune system and maintain a healthy weight. Consumers are more aware of this than ever. So, there’s a high demand for Sweet and Sunny strawberries, which are guaranteed to taste good,” says Cas van Loon.

The Spanish Sweet and Sunny strawberries’ excellent quality has made for good sales in recent years. Consumers’ reactions have been very positive, which was also reflected in the sales figures. And this year, too, expectations are high, according to Cas. “Last week, the first Sweet and Sunny strawberries arrived at our Soft Fruit DC. That was after a delayed start.”

“That was due to the cold snap in the Spanish cultivation area. Now temperatures in Spain are back to around 20°C. Volumes will, therefore, increase further in the coming week. We’re selling in the Netherlands, but demand is also on the rise in its neighboring countries.”

Only the best varieties of the best quality

“The Greenery is always looking for the best soft fruit varieties. We do so along with growers, agronomists, and international breeders. We have two testing locations. We incorporate and market the best varieties into the Sweet and Sunny concept. That we do in close consultation with our own agronomist and growers,” says Cas.

Consumers value good flavor

“There’s an increased demand for healthy food. COVID-19 has made people more aware of this than ever. They now know that fruit and vegetables help improved resistance and contribute to a healthy weight. For fruit, it is also important that the products are guaranteed to taste good.”

“Sweet and Sunny’s soft fruit is always sun-ripened. They are the tastiest varieties from the best growers. So the strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, redcurrants, and blackberries are always deliciously sweet and extra juicy. Sales and inquiries show, time and again, that consumers appreciate this,” concludes Cas.

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