Germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi exist both where people as well as animals coexist on restricted space and in the food production. Disinfection with IGEBA Thermal fog generators and ULV Aerosol generators are a key element to a successful hygiene management. The highly concentrated fogging of disinfection solutions ensures an even distribution of the solution on all surfaces reaching even smallest cracks and corners.

The disinfection solution stays airborne for a long time allowing and effective ambient air disinfection. The low water consumption per volume wets the surfaces inhibiting to drain off; the solution can properly take effect.

In animal stables, diseases are mainly caused by various types of microorganisms, such as viruses, moulds, bacteria and parasites. In an unfavourable environment, even otherwise innocuous germs can considerably increase and lead to so-called “factitive diseases”.

To secure productivity, it is indispensable to avoid an increase of the number of germs by methodical stable hygiene. To achieve this, the applied hygiene management must be specific to the species. Besides thorough cleaning and careful disinfection, the aim should be to keep the bacterial pressure low for as long as possible.

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